Software Resources for Tanzanian ICT Educators

MS Excel spreadsheet of software resources (same information as below)
Name Version Original Location Size PCV Provider/ Expert Status Description Install Required ? OnBestOfCD

Operating Systems & Patches

Solaris 10 u3 2.19 GB Albert free license unix-like operating system; 5 CDs Y
MS DOS 6.22 4.8 MB Alex non-windows/command-line O/S for older computers; 4 floppy disks Y PST2006ICT
Windows 3 3.11 11.2 MB Alex legal if you have another legal/licensed MS O/S early windows O/S for older computers; 8 floppy disks Y PST2006ICT
Windows 98 se 127.6 MB Dan CD image
Windows 2000 sp2 391 MB Dan CD image
Windwos 2000 SP3 130 MB Dan CD image
Windows XP SP1 520 MB Dan, Greg CD image
Windows XP SP1a 131 MB Dan CD image Y
Knoppix Jan 2007 650 MB Jacob G CD Y
Vista Business 4.7 GB Jacob G DVD Y
Windows XP SP2 632 MB Jacob G

Operating System Utilities

Windows 2K Pro boot disk set creator 3.6 MB Alex Y PST2006ICT
Windows NT 4 boot disk set creator 2.2 MB Alex Y PST2006ICT
DOS 6.22 boot disk set creator 1.1 MB Alex Y PST2006ICT
Win95-98 "alternate" boot disk set creator 585 KB Alex Y PST2006ICT
Windows 95a boot disk set creator 783 KB Alex Y PST2006ICT
Windows 95b boot disk set creator 879 KB Alex Y PST2006ICT
Windows 98fe boot disk set creator 866 KB Alex Y PST2006ICT
Windows 98se boot disk set creator 863 KB Alex Y PST2006ICT
Windows Me boot disk set creator 837 KB Alex Y PST2006ICT
VMWare 1.0.3 167 MB Albert free license allows creation of “virtual machines” for installing and testing additional operating systems, configurations, etc., without disturbing host system Y
MS Virtual CD 2.1? 59.6 KB Albert free enables mounting of ISO CD images as CD drive (access like drive without burning to CD) Y PST2006ICT
ISO Recorder 320 KB Albert free enables copying CD to ISO image Y PST2006ICT
DaemonTools 3.4.7 492 KB Albert Y
Unix Utilities for Windows 15-Apr-2003 3.2 MB Albert free common unix commands (e.g. ls, df, grep) for Windows Y
Hi-Ren's boot disk Wes bootable CD for Windows with utilities for disk repair & recovery, virus repair, etc.
VNC Server/Viewer 1.1 MB Alex remote viewing/control Y PST2006ICT
WinImage 813 KB Alex ? Y PST2006ICT

Operating System Utilites – Ghost

ghost Dan
norton ghost 6.0 4.9 MB Dan
winimage 813 KB Dan
paragon 100 MB Dan ISO
gtk-runtime 2.10.11 5.6 MB Dan
winimage 813 KB Dan

System Analysis Tools

pc_certify 3.3 MB Dan
siw + unknown devices 1.7 MB Dan
MBSA 1.28 MB Dan
advisor 850 KB Dan
memtest86 67.3 KB Dan
keyfinder 272 KB Dan
regcleaner 554 KB Dan
processexplorer.nt 3.36 MB Dan

Malware Cleaning

MS-KB890830 1.21 4.3 MB Dan
CC 450 KB Dan
CounterSpy 13.85 MB Dan
ShowThread 180 KB Dan
SpyBotsd14 5.04 MB Dan


AVG Free 7.5 – “432a904” 70 MB Albert free anti-virus, including recent updates Y PST2006ICT
AVG Anti-Spyware 8 MB demo anti-spyware Y PST2006ICT
Clamwin 5.9 MB Dan Y/P
RootKitRevealer 347 KB Dan

File Utilities

7Zip ? 894 KB Dan Compression utility, like WinZip Y/P PST2006ICT
7Zip 4.4.2 837 KB Dan Y/P
WinZip 8.1 1.9 MB Dan
WinZip8.1 upgrade 8.1 1.75 MB Albert legal upgrade update to WinZip Y
ZipCentral 1.4 MB Dan
TheFileSplitter 132 KB Dan
antrenamer2 960 KB Dan
winmd5sum 82 KB Dan
sdelete 56.2 KB Dan
filemon.nt 461 KB Dan
file_recovery 283 KB Dan
filerestore 295 KB Dan
disk_investigator 356 KB Dan
freeundelete 821 KB Dan
setup_ir 643 KB Dan
restoration 424 KB Dan

Internet & Network Utilities

Skype 20 MB Dan
Skype for PocketPC 10.5 MB Dan
Gaim 1.5 7 MB Dan instant messaging client Y/P PST2006ICT
Wget 1.10.1 2.4 MB Dan automates download of complete website PST2006ICT
WorldLinked ? 260 MB Wes mail program; enables delayed e-mail from non-internetted intranets Y
uTorrent 232 MB Dan
fdm 1.6 MB Dan
filezilla 2.2.31 3.5 MB Dan Y/P
filezilla server 0.9.23 3.7 MB Dan
firefox 6 MB Dan Y/P
Frontmotion Firefox 17 MB web browser PST2006ICT
IE6 for Windows ME+NT 43.2 MB Albert legal upgrade Internet Explorer 6 (w/active desktop) for Windwos ME & NT Y
freeproxy 4.4 MB Dan
miranda 0.6.8 1.2 MB Dan Y/P
naomi 1.4 MB Dan
opera 9.2 4.9 MB Dan Y/P
googleearth 13.8 MB Dan
pidgin (w/o gtk) 2.0.0 5.8 MB Dan
spf 9.3 MB Dan
techblock 5.75 MB Dan
thunderbird 6.72 MB Dan Y/P
evolution 52.7 MB Dan
PuTTY 0.57 1.2 MB Dan Y/P
torpark 9.73 MB Dan
windowsidentserver 347 KB Dan
TimeWatcher 8.4 MB Dan
Cybera 4.7 MB Dan
Metadot Portal Server 63.8 MB Alex PST2006ICT

Other Applications

OpenOffice for Windows 2.2 108 MB free suite of applications (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database, drawing). excellent substitute for MS office. widely used. free. Y/P PST2006ICT
OpenOffice for Solaris X86 2.2 146 MB free suite of applications (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database, drawing). excellent substitute for MS office. widely used. free. Y
MS Office 2003 Greg office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, etc.); 1 CD Y
Microsoft Works 7.0 7.0 Greg simplified office suite Y
Lotus 1-2-3 10.1 MB Alex spreadsheet program, useful on older computers; 7 floppy disks Y PST2006ICT
Word for Windows 6 13.3 MB Alex word processor for older computers; 9 floppy disks Y PST2006ICT
WordPerfect 6 16.6 MB Alex word processor for older computers; 13 floppy disks Y PST2006ICT
abiword 2.4.6 5.4 MB Dan Y/P
gvim71 8.5 MB Dan Y/P
MS ereader creator 840 KB Dan
Moodle for Windows 17 52.7 MB Albert free on-line learning environment Y
Moodle for Unix 17 10.9 MB Albert free on-line learning environment Y
Adobe Acrobat 8.1 22.3 MB Albert free PDF reader
Foxit PDF Reader 2.9 MB light-weight PDF reader Y/P PST2006ICT
PGP 6.5.8 19.8 MB Albert free encryption software Y
MathPlayer 2.11.15 1.2 MB Albert demo Mathematics typesetting plug-in for Microsoft Word. Very similar to equation editor; useful if MS Word install disk is missing and equation editor is not installed. Y
Inkscape 16.9 MB Alex, Dan PST2006ICT
gimp 2.2.13 8 MB Dan image editor Y/P
Gspot207a 381 KB Dan
musikCube 1.0 3 MB Dan
photoresize 13.5 KB Dan
photoResize 163 KB Dan
photoresizer 986 KB Dan
picasaweb 4.92 MB Dan
DivX 21.62 MB Dan
AllToAVI v4rc11 21.9 MB Dan
iTunes 6.0.5 37.52 MB Dan
irfanView 6.3 MB Dan
mplayerc 5.7 MB Dan
winamp 533 6.72 MB Dan
autostitch 1.1 MB Dan
cdex 151 2 MB Dan
photoshop CS Dan

Unknown Applications

rawrite 13 KB Dan
active sync 7.3 MB Dan
everest 310 83.2 MB Dan
learn32 2252 4.5 MB Dan
relgraph 145 KB Dan
pmagic 1.5 MB Dan
resizer 1.5 MB Dan
tomsrtbt 2.0.103 1.83 MB Dan
max blast 2 2.4 MB Dan
sychred 1.72 MB Dan

Typing Tutors

TypeFaster 0.4.2 1.84 MB Albert typing tutor Y
Typing Tutor 123 MB Dan
KKTypingTutor 5.78 MB Albert free typing tutor Y
TuxType2 1.5.3 8.3 MB Dan
Mavis Beacon 1 774 KB Alex typing tutor Y PST2006ICT
Mavis Beacon 2 2.8 MB Alex typing tutor Y PST2006ICT
TypingTest 2.26 MB Dan
Typing Master [game] 166 KB Alex typing tutor PST2006ICT
Number Munchers [game] 44.8 KB Alex PST2006ICT
Word Rescue [game] 499 KB Alex PST2006ICT

Education Applications

EquationGrapher 1.4 MB Albert free graphs scalar & polar equations Y
physics.exe 297 KB Dan
pkforce 863 KB Dan
physics collisions 333 KB Dan
master converter 1.3 MB Dan
maple v Dan
math_space celestia 14.6 MB Dan
math_space maxima 16.3 MB Dan
math_space octave 23.3 MB Dan
setupgraph 4.2 3 MB Dan
mpaf 1 MB Dan
periodic 139 KB Dan
Quran 8 MB Dan
Wordweb 5 7.8 MB Dan
AGT 443 KB Dan
EGT 442 KB Dan

Media Tools

Matroska Pack 1.1.2 3.8 MB Albert free codecs for playing media; may be obsoleted by CCCP Y
CCCP – Combined Community Codec Pack 2007-07-22 6 MB Albert free codecs for playing media Y
XP Codec Pack 6.14 MB Dan
DivX51Bundle 5.32 MB Dan
DivX521XP2K 7.7 MB Dan
Hymn 0.9.2 2 MB Albert free converts WMA to MP3 Y
EAC 0.9b4 955 KB Albert free rips audio CDs to MP3 Y
LAME 3.92 551 KB Albert free used with EAC; MP3 conversion Y
QuickTime 19.7 MB Dan free multimedia browser plug-in Y
QuickTime 7.1 21 MB Albert free multimedia browser plug-in Y
quicktimealt170 13.47 MB Dan
RealPlayer 8 5.14 MB Dan free multimedia browser plug-in Y
RealPlayer 10 12 MB Albert free multimedia browser plug-in Y
Shockwave 5.51 MB Albert free multimedia browser plug-in Y
BitTorrent 4.2.2 4.79 MB Albert free file sharing program (requires internet) Y PST2006ICT
Media Player Classic codec pack 35.7 MB media player Y PST2006ICT
VLC Player 0.8.6b 9.52 MB Dan media player Y/P
VLC Player 8.2 MB Alex media player Y/P PST2006ICT
cdbxp 3.0.116 11.3 MB Dan
cd2iso 390 KB Dan
neroexpress 512 MB Dan
Microburner 1.2 MB Dan
Autoruns 748 KB Dan
Virtual CD 4.04 8 MB Dan
flash 1.2 MB Dan
winamp 3.0 3.2 MB Dan

Games, related patches & extensions

Dungeon Siege II 2.32 GB Wes - adventure game; 4 CDs Y
Dungeon Siege II patch 2.2 11.8 MB Albert legal upgrade patch to game Y
adventure 606 KB Albert free text-based adventure game. runs in DOS. PST2006ICT
rogue 47 KB Albert free simple dungeon adventure game. primitive graphics. runs in DOS. classic.
tome 2.3.3 2.3 MB Albert free slightly more complex dungeon adventure game. primitive graphics. runs in DOS ? Y PST2006ICT
oregon trail 665 KB Albert text-based game. runs in DOS. PST2006ICT
super nintendo emulator 1.39 1 MB Albert free play super nintendo games on your computer
SimCity4 Tools 25 MB Albert free patch, region editor, region generator, demo regions; requires SimCity4
Mario VGA 49.1 KB Alex mario brothers; good for older computers PST2006ICT
Qbert 1.4 MB Alex PST2006ICT
Snood 5.7 MB Alex PST2006ICT
Blocks 63.4 KB Alex PST2006ICT
Bricks 10.1 KB Alex PST2006ICT
Hangman 60.5 KB Alex PST2006ICT
Chess 281.6 KB Alex PST2006ICT
Frocks 76.1 KB Alex PST2006ICT
mschomp 264.7 KB Alex PST2006ICT
space 74 KB Alex PST2006ICT
tetris 98 KB Alex PST2006ICT
whack 144 KB Alex PST2006ICT
crimsonland 6.69 MB Dan
ezb 5.11 MB Dan
nethack 1.54 MB Dan
simcity classic 1.7 MB Dan
simearth 1.05 MB Dan
simfarm 929 KB Dan
simtower 2.9 MB Dan
ski32 44 KB Dan
empire earth 131 MB Dan
command & conquer generals 190 MB Dan
advancecd-2.4.0 25.8 MB Dan
nesticle 706 KB Dan
fwnes 2.5 MB Dan

Programming Stuff

MD5 code 386 KB Albert ? code in various languages for computing MD5 checksums n/a
MIT Scheme 7.6.1 26 MB Albert free LISP-like programming environment Y
FileConverter (WINDBF.EXE) V1.3e converts between ASCII & EBCDIC
Oracle for Windows NT 9.2 1 GB Albert demo database Y
Perl for Windows 8 MB Albert free perl scripting/programming language Y
Java Development Kit w/NetBeans 6u3 51.9 MB Dan, Albert free development environment (editor, debugger, compiler) for Java Y
Ruby186 24 MB Dan
NPP 4.1.1 1.6 MB Dan
Treepad 887 KB Dan
xvi32 505 KB Dan
Python 10.7 MB Dan

Russian Stuff

CyrPlus 5.3 157 KB Albert free converts between cyrillic codesets and unicode
Leed Serif Font 63.5 KB Albert free font for 1251 encoding

Palm Stuff

MakeDocW 0.7 185 KB Albert free makes Palm reader documents

Misc Tools

scheduling spreadsheet 1.2 MB Albert free excel spreadsheet for scheduling classes N PST2006ICT

Books & Other Technical Reference

47 O'Reilly Books 105 MB 8 categories: Java, Java in the Enterprise, Perl, Perl 2, TCP/IP, Unix 2.1, WWW, Oracle PL/SQL. Each category has a group index. N
easydos 676 KB Alex DOS command reference; web-based N PST2006ICT
06-0712 3 MB Dan ?; PDF N
XML by Example 6 MB Dan PDF N
Web Application Design with PHP4 6.6 MB Dan PDF N
Understanding the Linux Boot Sequence 75 KB Dan HTM N
MySQL PHP Database Applications 3.7 MB Dan PDF N
Linux Web Solutions - PHP, MySQL, Apache 410 KB Dan PDF N
Linux Security 366 KB Dan PDF N
Linux Newbie Administrator Guide 413 KB Dan PDF N
Linux Network Administrator's Guide 9 MB Dan PDF N
Linux Administrator's Security Guide 366 KB Dan [zip]
JavaScript Bible 3rd Edition 7.7 MB Dan [zip]
Abstract and Linear Algebra 706 KB Dan PDF N
Where There Is No Doctor 11.6 MB Dan set of PDF N
Where There Is No Dentist 5.2 MB Dan set of PDF N
[a truckload of free books from Gutenberg Project] Dan [zip]

Learning Resources

Compton's 98 World Encyclopedia Greg
Cisco IT Essentials 53.7 MB Dan Modules 1-14, covering basic computer hardware; PPT N PST2006ICT
ICDL Materials 28 MB Modules 1-7, covering basic concepts & office software; PDF file per module N PST2006ICT
Jamani's Guide 4.4 MB Dan, Albert free Basics & Internet in Swahili; Basics, Internet, Word, Excel in English; PDF file per topic N PST2006ICT
Troubleshooting Series 8.3 MB Dan 10 Modules, General Windows Troubleshooting, with exercises; DOC, PPT N PST2006ICT
Inhibitors to ICT Learning in Tanzania 64 KB Dan DOC N
MMTK Refurbished Computer Guide 179 KB Dan DOC N
Computer Tutorials Dan explorer, word, powerpoint, access, excel, acrobat; PDF, DOC exercises N
Word Tutorial 970 KB Dan PDF N
Word Course Dan web-based N
Excel Course Dan web-based N
Course 3.7 MB Dan general course; web-based N
Microsoft Office XP Tutorial by Microsoft in Education 6.1 MB DOC N
MS Office XP Tutorial by Poole et al 13.9 MB PDF N
ICT Resources Index 322 KB ICE CD free to PCVs PDF N PST2006ICT
ICT Idea Book 4.5 MB ICE CD free to PCVs PDF N PST2006ICT
SPA Idea Book 4.2 MB ICE CD free to PCVs PDF N PST2006ICT


ICT General Session PST 2006 ICT session presentation, by Alex Murch; PPT N PST2006ICT
PST-2007-ICT-1 PST 2007 ICT general session presentation, by Albert Lingelbach; PPT N
PST-2007-ICT-2 PST 2007 ICT technical session presentation, by Albert Lingelbach; PPT N


Peace Corps Cookbook 648 KB VAC free to PCVs PDF N PST2006ICT


Albert, Dan [the listed PCVs have many drivers; in general PCVs at TCs have internet access and can also help you get drivers]

Portable Apps

Thunderbird_Portable_1.5.0.10_en-us.paf.exe 6.3 MB mail client N PST2006ICT
PuTTY_Portable_0.5.9_r2.paf.exe 890 KB N
GAIM_Portable_2.0_B5_en-us.paf.exe 7.3 MB instant messaging client N
Firefox_Portable_2.0.0.3_en-us.paf.exe 6.1 MB web browser N
FileZilla_Portable_2.2.31.paf.exe 2.45 MB N
Miranda_Portable_0.6.8_unicode.paf.exe 1.25 MB N
ClamWin_Portable_0.90.2.paf.exe 6.1 MB anti-malware N
Foxit Portable Edition Launcher.exe 1.65 MB PDF reader N
Gvim_PortableLW_7.0.1-p1.exe 2.1 MB N
GIMP_Portable_2.2.13_en-us.paf.exe 9 MB N
GIMP_Portable_2.2.15.paf.exe 12.2 MB N
VLC_Portable_0.8.6b.paf.exe 10.2 MB N
AbiWord_Portable_2.4.6.paf.exe 6.56 MB N
OpenOffice_Portable_2.2.1_en-us.paf.exe 73 MB N
OpenOffice_Portable_2.2.1_en-us.paf.exe.part 1.7 MB N
operausb920.exe 4.72 MB N
7-Zip_Portable_4.42_R2.paf.exe 1.2 MB N
KompoZer_Portable_0.77_en-us.paf.exe 7.65 MB N
Nvu_Portable_1.0r4_en-us.paf.exe 7.6 MB N
PortableApps_Suite_1.0_to_1.0.1_Patch.exe 424 KB
PortableApps_Suite_Base_1.0.exe 758 KB
Sumatra_PDF_Portable_0.6.paf.exe 1.11 MB N
xampplite-win32-1.5.5.exe 17.2 MB N

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