Network Management Policies

The following are proposed as project-wide policies/recommendations, to help ensure correct and efficient functioning of the computer labs. It is expected that they will grow as the project and roles become better defined.

Equipment configuration

Equipment components should remain as a functional unit: mouse, keyboard, processing unit, and UPS if applicable, should be treated as a group. Only if a set fails to function should it be separated into working and non-working components, repaired, and re-constituted as a new functioning group. This is to prevent frequent plugging & unplugging of cables, which can easily lead to damage (bent pins, etc.).

Non-functioning equipment should be clearly removed from service, to avoid user confusion and further damage. A note should be made of the problem and attached to the equipment.

Equipment should be moved rarely, as every move risks damage.

Equipment cables should be tied neatly to prevent snags, which can lead to equipment damage. In no case should cables be strung across tables or run along the floor, as these situations are much more likely to lead to damage.

System changes (server configuration changes, equipment failures, etc.) should be collected in a central log so that all system administrators can easily be aware of the state of the labs & network.

Anti-virus software should be installed on all computers and kept up to date.
-> find & contact the Ministry IT specialist to coordinate a/v purchases

Solaris server configuration should be set by the Domain System Administrator in Morogoro (Foibe). All changes (software installed, etc.) should be coordinated with the DSA.

Equipment transfer

In order to comply with Ministry auditing procedures, all equipment moves must be tracked in an equipment ledger. Posting reminder signs to this effect is suggested (see sample). It is suggested that this ledger should list: description, model and/or serial number (if appropriate), arrival date, departure date and destination (if appropriate).

As stated in equipment configuration, equipment should be moved in a working group: mouse, keyboard, processing unit, and UPS if applicable.

Some equipment moves frequently, such as projector/laptop presentation set-ups, digital cameras, etc. These should have a separate sign-out ledger. They should be kept under lock & key.


Original copies should be kept under lock & key. Copies should be made for use. Distribution should be logged.

System Administration

Each regular user of the system (students, staff) should have a personal account. Will each college be responsible for creating local user accounts ? (How ?) Or will the project System Administrator do this ?

Can guest accounts be locked down ? Guest access should be required to sign the usage agreement.

Web Site Guidelines

A web site can celebrate good work, promote the college, publish resources for projects and link to other good sites of interest. Note that web sites may be accessible to the wider internet, or may be restricted to local access. If wide distribution is to be set, the following guidelines are proposed:

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