Enable double-click access to OpenOffice files

(Fix OpenOffice File Associations in Solaris)

If double-clicking on OpenOffice documents does not open the correct OpenOffice application, this might solve the problem.

  1. Start Openoffice Writer: Launch -> Applications -> Office -> OpenOffice Writer
  2. ps -efL | grep openoffice
    This will identify the location of the OpenOffice program, something like /opt/openoffice.org2.2/program/soffice.bin.
  3. It is useful to have an OpenOffice test document. If you don't have one, create a quick file with a few lines of text.
  4. Launch -> Preferences -> Desktop Preferences -> File Associations
  5. Add File Type...
  6. That's it. You might have to do this for other file types as well.
  7. TODO: Figure out how to set this for all users automatically. This page will be updated when that solution is available.

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